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Infomail 1 Winter Semester 2017 (English Language Version)

  At the Beginning of the New Semester
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Dear Students,

a warm welcome to the new semester; especially to those who are just about to begin studying at the University of Vienna!

In the following info mail we have once again gathered some information and wish you a comfortable and exciting (in regard to the study content) cooler season!

Yours Team Barrierefrei

  New semester, new teachers: Active informing is necessary!
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Please do not forget to submit your need for alternative methods of examination or other impairment-related necessities in your new courses! Even if Team Barrierefrei or the Directorate of Studies know about your impairment, teachers are not notified automatically about this due to privacy reasons. Please also submit organizational issues that have to be clarified with Team Barrierefrei to us as soon as possible.
By the way: There are internal further education seminars for university staff again this year regarding the topics "Deafness and Sign Language", "Studying with Autism", "Chronic Illnesses among Students" and "Creating Accessible Documents for the Blind and Visually Impaired". If your teachers mention that they need more information regarding one of these topics, you can recommend them these free-of-charge seminars organised by the "Personalentwicklung".

  Financial Support for Mobility and Orientation Trainings
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The University of Vienna is setting up a pilot project for financial support of "mobility and orientation trainings" for the winter semester 2017/18. Submission deadline for cost estimates from mobility trainers is October 10th, 2017. The following link contains detailed information and the submission form (in German language only):

  Site Inspection Project: Persons Needed for Inspection and Testing
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This winter semester we are starting a project, whose impulse was given by the "Barrierefrei Studieren" advisory board. We want to inspect rooms and ways as well as test some infrastructure. The collected and updated data will lead to a helpful collection of information, e.g. for knowing which ways are free from steps or where an alternative access is located. We also want to complete lists such as the one for induction loops or areas with tactile paving. We are mainly looking for persons with hearing aids (respectively: cochlea implants), blind university members as well as wheelchair users in order to help us testing and inspecting for an allowance. Please write to if you are interested.

  "Barrierefrei Studieren" Advisory Board
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In winter semester 2017/18 a new cycle of the "Barrierefrei Studieren" Advisory Board is going to start. More concretely: In winter semester there will be an open session which intends appraisal, vision development and collecting ideas. We therefore kindly invite you as students to contribute with your experiences and concrete feedback! In summer semester another session will follow, where it is going to be about developing concrete project ideas which Team Barrierefrei can implement. As an example: the financial support for mobility trainings, the inspection project and staff seminars mentioned above have all been born as ideas of the advisory board. Please write to if you are interested in participating.

  Presentation at unileben: "Studying Barrier-Free at the University of Vienna" (Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017)
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This presentation on the welcome fair for new students is especially suited for persons who missed our Welcome Day. We will share a short summary of our knowledge collection about studying with impairments. However, all (new) students are welcome, since we are also going to talk about ways to support fellow students with impairments. For the same reason, we also like to welcome student representatives at our presentation.

Time and Place: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 11:00 - 12:30, Hörsaal 29 (Main Building)

  EXTERNAL: Call for Participation in Survey
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Writing a master's thesis on accessible tourism at the University of Graz's Institute for Education Science, Karin Platzer examines possible barriers and possibilities of implementation for persons with mobility impairments planning travels. She is asking for supporting her data acquisition by participating in the following survey (duration approximately 15 minutes):
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