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Summer University: Accessibility of mathematical content

Sommeruniversität in Karlsruhe (D) über die Aufbereitung und Zugänglichkeit mathematischer Inhalte für sehbeeinträchtigte Personen

The idea

The Summer University is dedicated to Accessibility of Mathematics, Science and Statistics and to improve the over all knowledge about access to mathematical contents for visually impaired persons. The event is a major chance to raise the awareness of existing technologies, stimulate research, review up-to-date teaching methods and new scientific developments.


  • Day 1: Reading scientific documents - Reading different types of documents and content efficiently such as texts and formulas in Word, PDF or LaTeX
  • Day 2: Writing scientific documents - How to express mathematical and scientific content
  • Day 3: Tactile graphics and Research Lab - Reading, understanding and producing tactile graphics
  • Day 4+5: Applications - Learning about the newest accessible tools for reading and writing scientific documents

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