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Infoclip for study beginners - english version

Throughout the film, there are subheadings displayed.
In the following, visual information of the clip  - like text - is described in italic formatting and put between brackets. Subheadings will be shown in non-italic formatting.

The clip:
(Electronic music; pictures of the main building of the University of Vienna)
(Theresa standing in the Arcade Court)
Welcome to the University of Vienna. I'm Theresa, visually impaired and in the second semester of my psychology studies.
(Pamela sitting in the Arcarde Court, communicating in the Austrian Sign Language; without sound)
My name is P-A-M-E-L-A. I am studying educational sciences at the University of Vienna. I am hard of hearing.
(Marlies sitting on a bench) My name is Marilies. I am studying computer science and I have a mental impairment.
(Nori in front of the Arcades) My name is Nori, and I am studying psychology at the University of Vienna. Yes, to me the University of Vienna means limitless study, therefore – especially without any studying barriers.

(Electronic music starts; Nori driving up a ramp, the picture is overlaid with "Accessible studying at the University of Vienna"; flags in front of the Main Building; Arcade Court in fast motion; Marilies in a close-up; talking with the Disability Officer; Marilies is speaking) Well, at first I did not really dare to admit it. But then I saw there is a Counseling Office for students with disabilities so I just went to the Student Point. There I talked to Ms. Virtbauer, we dealt with the issue and she told me exactly what options I have.

(Pamela in a close-up) For me, it's terribly difficult to take notes while listening to or reading from someone’s lips. It’s almost impossible to follow. I then usually have to ask the students if I can borrow their notes, which is really embarrassing for me. - Because, well, I do explain that I can’t hear well, but let's put it this way: it  costs me quite an effort to admit it.

(Theresa standing) My biggest problem is definitely the reading. Even if I sit in the front row when attending a lecture I still cannot read the PowerPoint slides. Some professors accommodate me and give me the slides in advance so I can print them out and have them in my hands. Other big problems are the exams, because they are printed in font size 12 and I have a hard time reading them. But it’s no trouble at all, since really each and every professor provides me with special examination papers in font size 16 or 18 so there’s no problem.

(Nori driving down a ramp accompanied by a fellow student; in a close-up; in front of an automatically opening door in the Psychologicum; getting in an elevator; Student Point-doorway overlaid with; counselling session of the Disability Officer with a student with limited fine motor skills; Nori speaking) I'm in a wheelchair. I need barrier-free spaces, which means I need to get everywhere on even grounds. The Disability Officer from the Student Point – that’s the first person I turn to. I was also surprised that such a thing even exists, to begin with. And then there are organisational services, such as the StudiesServiceCenter, the administration department, the receptionist. You can ask anybody. No need for false modesty!

(Marilies in a close-up; Lecturer in lecture hall in front of students; different present students; auditorium as a whole; close-up of female lecturer; Marilies speaking) The university offers alternative examination methods for people with mental impairments in the form of written rather than oral examinations, for example if you suffer from social phobia, so you don’t need to take the written test, but can take it orally. Or when working on reports, you can work with groups, but you don’t need to present the work in front of a large group. Also in certain courses you may be absent much more than expected due to your disability, and miss too much of the seminar. – It won’t be a problem, but of course you need to accomplish your examination performances alternatively, it does not simply cease.

(Pamela  in a close-up; Arcades and Arcade court; Pamela speaking; electronic music starts again) If I do not understand the professor, I may request to take the test with an interpreter, either orally or in a written exam. And most of all: I like the atmosphere here, it is really nice. I love it here.

(Disability Officer in a close up; students in front of the small Reading-Room of the University library; Disability Officer  in a close-up overlaid with "Mag.a Birgit Virtbauer, Student Point, Disability Officer"; close-up of steps on the tactile guidence system for the blind; Nori gets a book from a shelf in the psychology library; Disability Officer is speaking) The University of Vienna is endeavored to strengthen the participation of students with disabilities. For example there is an advisory board called “Barrierefrei Studieren” (“Barrier-free Study”), and parts of this board are disabled students. And they can take measures to implement them at the University of Vienna, evaluate those measures and say what they like or do not like about them, and they can also initiate new actions.

(Theresa in a close-up) Characteristic of the Vienna University for me is definitely that it is extremely large and through that you meet al lot of different studies, a lot of students of all possible areas.

(Marilies in a close-up) The university of vienna actually is for me a relatively relaxed place because in spite of stress during learning  that will surely arise, yet this uncomfortable pressure does not exist, for example I know from the High school "AHS".

(Nori in a close-up) The special feature is the communal life. Every student who begins here, whether with or without disabilities needs help at the beginning.

(Electronic music starts; Large Reading-Room of the University Library from different angles overlaid with "Information, consultancy for students with disabilities by Disability Officer:";)
(Campus of the University of Vienna overlaid with "Department for accessibility of the Austrian Students' Union:")
(Students sitting in lawn chairs in the Arcade Court
overlaid with "Psychological Counselling Centre:")

(Black screen with white text: "Video produced by zone media GmbH")
(Black screen with white text: "Initiated by the Student Advisory Board ‘Barrierefrei Studieren’")
(Black screen
: "With the kind support of
Badstudio Reisner GmbH
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DWH-Dach & Wand Huemer + Co GmbH
Ing. Pöchhacker GmbH
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Josef Hasslinger GmbH & Co KG
Kremsnerbau GmbH)
(Black sreen: "W
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(Black screen
overlaid with the logo of the University of Vienna and "(c)2011")

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