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Taking part in an entrance examinations with an impairment

Entrance Examination for Studies with Limited Places and Application Procedure or Aptitude Procedure for Teaching Degree Programme

Application Procedures and Aptitude Procedures at the University of Vienna

Some studies at the University of Vienna require an application procedure („Aufnahmeverfahren“) in order to be admitted. Teaching Degree Programmes have an aptitude procedure („Eignungsverfahren“). The central part of both procedures is a standardised written test.


Impairments and possibilities of test adaptations

In case you have difficulties with the test itself due to a medically proven impairment/disability, you may report the need for an adaptation of the test.

Impairments, difficulties and possibilities of adaptation can be for example:

  • Mobility: Wheelchair -> different height of legs, arm rests: wheelchair-optimised, broader and higher desk.
  • Movement: Spasms, muscle weakness -> marking answer sheet is difficult: Large print form, Großdruck-Formular, positioning device.
  • Psychological: Phobias concerning spacial settings -> fear at a special sitting position: reserved seat at preferred position
  • Vision: Weak vision -> small print not readable: Large print; permit for using magnifying device.
  • Hearing: Hard of hearing -> announcements in hall not (sufficiently) understandable: Repeated (or respectively: written) announcement by assigned nearby supervising staff person in the hall
  • Dyslexia -> difficulties reading the documents: Using special print or font styles
  • etc.


Necessary steps for an agreement about individual adaptation

Since every impairment is individual (or reinforced by another impairment), the possibilities of adaptation will be discussed individually with the disability office ("Team Barrierefrei"). After that, the university will internally check the proposal for technical feasibility.

  • Either: Invitation to participating in the entrance examination (if applicable: with adaptation)
  • Or: Notice about exemption from entrance exam and invitation to the personal admission directly at the counter (guaranteed study place without taking part in entrance examination


  1. First you need to fulfill the Online registration at the University of Vienna (before the deadline). After that you apply for admission to a study programme in U:SPACE (before the deadline). Then you will get the possibility to fill out an extra sheet online for your adaptions.
  2. Inbetween the next week, the disability office ("Team Barrierefrei") will get in contact with you, to check a specialist´s report or to clarify further questions.

(You will find the link for the named extra sheet in u:space at the page with the summaries for allready applied applications. So you can tell (in case of emergencies, such as illness phases, accidents etc.), your adaptions later.)



We need medical confirmations about your impairment(s) in order to decide about a test adaptation. Concerning this, we would like to ...

  • … know as concretely as possible, what your difficulties are – specialists' diagnoses in medical terminology serve us less
  • ... protect your data and privacy, not ask for diagnoses but still stick to our duty to have a valid medical specialist's confirmation as basis for a test adaptation
  • … keep the efforts for you as small as possible

In order to ensure these three points, we prefer working with the following form designed by the University of Vienna, which can be filled out by a specialist:
Form "functional impairments relevant to studies"
It does not contain a diagnosis but very concretely - step by step - difficulties, which can arise during the application procedure test or during your further studies.

Of course we do also accept "disability ID cards", if the entries contain the concrete impairment(s).
For example: "is blind" describes the impairment very concretely; but we cannot legitimise test adaptations with ID card entries such as "is entitled to use the transport fee reductions according to the federal disability law".

If it is easier for you to use documents that you already have but which contain diagnoses and/or sensitive additional data, you are welcome to provide them to us voluntarily. Due to privacy regulations, this decision is yours.

In our communication we will inform you about the need for official translations, if applicable.


Refunding of financial contribution for the Application Procedure / Aptitude Procedure

When applying for admission for your study programme in U:SPACE, a 50 EUR contribution has to be paid. Should the University of Vienna take the decision to exempt you from the test and directly invite you to personal admission, the 50 EUR will be refunded.

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